Immigration New Zealand announces plans to attract more immigrants and simplify visa process

 ImageIt is hoped that the plans, called “Vision for 2015”, will enable the immigration department to focus more on attracting and keeping high value migrants, students and travellers. In order to achieve this the department said they need to create an organisation with better service, better systems and better outcomes so that they can:

  • Attract the best people
  • Make quality decisions quickly and efficiently
  • Support migrants to settle into work
  • Protect the integrity and security of the New Zealand immigration system

Immigration New Zealand has put a lot of hard work into winning back the confidence and trust of the public and the Government. This plan is an important step towards building on these achievements.

The immigration department now makes around 500,000 visa decisions a year. “In future there will be fewer visa types and application processes will be simplified, resulting in a better service for customers.

The Immigration Global Management System (IGMS), which was approved by Cabinet just before Christmas, will help the department work more efficiently and reduce the costs of visa applications. The NZD$75 million investment for IGMS will also allow more visas to be applied for online.

“Immigration makes a major contribution to New Zealand’s economy. New migrants add an estimated $1.9 billion to our GDP every year, international students contribute $2.3 billion, and inbound tourists around $9 billion,” said Guy. “We are competing with other developed countries for the same pool of potential migrants, students and visitors. This is why we need to improve how we operate.”

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New Zealand Jobs – Hiring

New Zealand provides good working environments for both government and private sectors.
The amount of pay you can receive for a job varies depending on where you are employed in the country, your employment agreement, your experience and qualifications and your employer’s employment policies. Employment agreements cannot offer a wage less than the minimum rate, however apprentices or employers holding special permits may be exempt from the minimum wage level.

New Zealand Hiring people in

Chemical Engineer, Construction Manager, Civil Project Engineer, Group Estimator, Construction Planner, Civil Construction, Registered Nurse (Mental Health), Anaesthetic Technicians, Research Technician in Molecular Medicine and Pathology, Practice Nurse, Web Designer , Creative Web Designer & Developer, Graphic Designer , Senior Creative Designer, Animator.

Interested follow the link



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New Zealand Migration Flow 2011

Net migration flow into New Zealand remained positive throughout the global financial crisis and the Christchurch earthquakes, but the Government predicts more people will come and join to rebuild the nation.

Figures released by the Department of Labour  showed levels of “permanent and long-term” skilled migration had increased by 7 % comparing to 2010.

However the experts predict about 6000 more permanent migrants flowing into the country in the 2013 year.

The permanent and long term migration figure measures people who intend to stay in New Zealand for longer than a year, or New Zealanders returning after an absence of more than a year.

A report published by the centre said current migration patterns were consistent with a cycle which saw low net migration figures towards the end of each decade.

“The more recent increase in trans-Tasman migration indicates this was a temporary phenomenon as departures of New Zealand citizens increased in 2011 towards pre-recession levels,” the report said.

The Department of Labour is forecasting increased migration to Australia over the next year, but signs of a slowing labour market across the Tasman and improving employment prospects at home mean departures are expected to ease later this year.

Over the last decade 64 per cent of New Zealand citizen departures had been to Australia.

Apparently, half of Indian skilled professional is upping sticks & moving out to New Zealand, whilst half of the young Kiwis are abandoning NZ & heading for the golden shores of Australia. Although the UK population is rising, that’s largely because of immigration, about 30%of which is from outside the EU, as more Brits than ever are heading to Europe(Spain, France) – and of course, to the Antipodes.

While Kiwis’ migration to Australia was always a hot topic, experts says the proportion of New Zealanders making the shift was actually only around 1 per cent of the population per year, as opposed to the late-1970s when around 1.4 per cent of the population was making the move.

Meanwhile net long-term migration from non-New Zealand citizens coming into the country was 33,800 for 2011, up roughly 10 per cent on 2010 but still lower than the 40,100 gain of 2009.

While applications for permanent residency under SMC, numbers of international students and temporary and seasonal workers were up.

New international students accounted for 38,658 of the 60,200 non-Kiwi citizen arrivals in 2011, with India contributing the largest number of new students.

India is also New Zealand’s second largest source of skilled migrants.

China still contributes the most students overall and the United Kingdom provides the most skilled worker migrants, although that proportion has continued to decline.

“While there was a global slowdown in the number of permanent migrants and temporary workers, international student numbers to New Zealand continue to rise, up 2 per cent to 74,800 over the last year,” .

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The Impact of Social Media on Your Workforce

Organizations can no longer ignore the social media aspect of any initiative, whether it is short/long term strategy or internal change issues. Social media has changed the dynamics. Employees, whether you are ready for it or not, are going to be engaged and there is absolutely nothing an organization can do to swing the pendulum back in their favor.

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IT skills shortage hits New Zealand

IT Jobs

A new survey has revealed a growing IT skills shortage in New Zealand, with more than a third of IT candidates coming from outside of the country, and employers looking overseas to fill skill shortages.

The  IT skills shortage in New Zealand as the “number one constraint to growth of the technology sector”.

Potentia’s 2011 Inside ICT Survey, which surveyed 200 IT employers in New Zealand, showed that hiring had already become increasingly difficult in the IT and computer sector.

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New Zealand Jobs


New Zealand Jobs

You will find required IT jobs here and all are permanent job positions. Find your work interest on the link provided click through, and our team will gladly assist you.
Your job is personal to you and we give each enquiry our personal attention.  We do not leave something as important as your career to robots! Our team has years’ experience in overseas careers and immigration. We are happy to share that experience with you and clients.
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New Zealand Employment – Facts


New Zealand’s economy can best be described as a mixed economy. The country has moved away from a reliance on farming as the principal generator of wealth and employment and this has seen a demand for professionals across a broad spectrum.

Manufacturing has grown in importance and most manufacturers aggressively chase export markets. Exports are important to the economy. The strength of New Zealand’s economy over recent years has highlighted a growing skill base shortage in the New Zealand labor market. Until recently the labor market continued to record strong growth but with the global financial crisis employment intentions with employers fell dramatically as skills shortages eased. Employment intentions by employers are currently (October 2010) running at around one in five i.e. 20% are indicating an intention to take on permanent staff over the next three months. 

New Zealand still has one of the lowest rate of unemployment in the developed world and many employers still site recruiting skilled employees as one of the greatest constraint on doing business.


Interestingly our skilled clients continued through 2009 to find work even though the time it took nearly doubled from 6 weeks or so to 10 -12 weeks. During 2010 that time has returned to around 6 weeks which is n line with its historical averages.

Skills in real demand tend to be right across the board. In particular however we are seeing strong demand for computer technicians and programmers, I.T. specialists, nurses and most health professionals, engineers of various shades, marketing professionals, finance executives including accountants and tradesman (of every description), along with Telecommunications related technicians. Obviously demand for certain occupations waxes and wanes and it is very difficult to make generalizations.

There are a number of employment companies, executive search firms and government agencies that we can put you in touch with once you make the decision to emigrate. We cannot guarantee employment; we do our best to assist you with the right contacts. The reality for most would be migrants are that prospective employers will be reluctant to offer employment without (a) first meeting you and (b) without you having permanent residence or an open work permit.

While this is a frustration for would be migrants and an inaccessible obstacle for many, it is a reality. Those that are prepared to travel to New Zealand and attend interviews or to approach companies directly, stand a far greater chance of success. Crudely put, the more like New Zealanders you are culturally and linguistically the greater your chances of success with New Zealand employers. We would therefore caution you against travelling to New Zealand to find employment without carefully weighing up the risks of doing so in the event your search is unsuccessful.

jobsog Immigration’s own ‘Employment Dating Service’

As soon as we have carried out our

own assessment of your eligibility for New Zealand residence you can list your CV on our website. You can apply directly for any job which has listed on the site. Employers will shortly be able to approach you directly if they choose to. The one condition placed on you and the employer is that New Zealand – opulentuz must be retained by the candidate to prepare, lodge and process the temporary and permanent visas or permits that result from any offer.

You can reach us on for any information

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