New Zealand Employment – Facts


New Zealand’s economy can best be described as a mixed economy. The country has moved away from a reliance on farming as the principal generator of wealth and employment and this has seen a demand for professionals across a broad spectrum.

Manufacturing has grown in importance and most manufacturers aggressively chase export markets. Exports are important to the economy. The strength of New Zealand’s economy over recent years has highlighted a growing skill base shortage in the New Zealand labor market. Until recently the labor market continued to record strong growth but with the global financial crisis employment intentions with employers fell dramatically as skills shortages eased. Employment intentions by employers are currently (October 2010) running at around one in five i.e. 20% are indicating an intention to take on permanent staff over the next three months. 

New Zealand still has one of the lowest rate of unemployment in the developed world and many employers still site recruiting skilled employees as one of the greatest constraint on doing business.


Interestingly our skilled clients continued through 2009 to find work even though the time it took nearly doubled from 6 weeks or so to 10 -12 weeks. During 2010 that time has returned to around 6 weeks which is n line with its historical averages.

Skills in real demand tend to be right across the board. In particular however we are seeing strong demand for computer technicians and programmers, I.T. specialists, nurses and most health professionals, engineers of various shades, marketing professionals, finance executives including accountants and tradesman (of every description), along with Telecommunications related technicians. Obviously demand for certain occupations waxes and wanes and it is very difficult to make generalizations.

There are a number of employment companies, executive search firms and government agencies that we can put you in touch with once you make the decision to emigrate. We cannot guarantee employment; we do our best to assist you with the right contacts. The reality for most would be migrants are that prospective employers will be reluctant to offer employment without (a) first meeting you and (b) without you having permanent residence or an open work permit.

While this is a frustration for would be migrants and an inaccessible obstacle for many, it is a reality. Those that are prepared to travel to New Zealand and attend interviews or to approach companies directly, stand a far greater chance of success. Crudely put, the more like New Zealanders you are culturally and linguistically the greater your chances of success with New Zealand employers. We would therefore caution you against travelling to New Zealand to find employment without carefully weighing up the risks of doing so in the event your search is unsuccessful.

jobsog Immigration’s own ‘Employment Dating Service’

As soon as we have carried out our

own assessment of your eligibility for New Zealand residence you can list your CV on our website. You can apply directly for any job which has listed on the site. Employers will shortly be able to approach you directly if they choose to. The one condition placed on you and the employer is that New Zealand – opulentuz must be retained by the candidate to prepare, lodge and process the temporary and permanent visas or permits that result from any offer.

You can reach us on for any information


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