Is it possible to find work without visiting New Zealand?

It is very rare for a candidate to locate work without being based in New Zealand first.
New Zealand employers are very reluctant to offer jobs sight unseen. You may get a phone of a Skype video interview but unless you have a very rare skill set and an exceptionally strong CV you will need to get on a plane. From our experience most job seekers take between 4 to 6 weeks to secure their jobs, some can take much longer. Based on these timeframes popping over to New Zealand for a week for interviews doesn’t really work that well
There are a few reasons for this the main one being that the employer would like to meet you in person. It is said that a CV will get you an interview but the interview gets you the job. It is the interpersonal skills that far out way the technical skills in securing you the job. After interviewing hundreds of people through the years we can work with you on how best to present yourself and allow the employer to really see how you will be an asset to their company.
If you require an offer of employment our advice to you will be for you to book a trip to New Zealand, which will last at least 4 – 8 weeks to find a job. In many cases candidates that secure jobs can tie up the loose ends remotely and start work as soon as the work visa comes through.
You will need to have arranged your affairs for your move to New Zealand before looking for a job as employers will not want to wait another couple of months while you go overseas to sell your house or pack your goods up..

How do I make myself more attractive to New Zealand employers?
  • Be organized with your immigration plans
  • Be committed to the move
  • Be clear in what you want
  • Be flexible on the role or location
  • Be here to interview and start
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